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Goldie Tech on delegation trip to Kenya:

Exploring partnerships and opportunities on the African continent

Berlin, 27.02.2023 - Goldie Tech is pleased to announce its participation in a delegation trip to Africa, specifically to Kenya. This exciting journey is being conducted in collaboration with Berlin Partner, a leading organization for economic development and innovation in Berlin.

The delegation trip to Kenya marks another step in Goldie Tech's expansion strategy, providing the opportunity to explore partnerships and business opportunities on the promising African continent. Kenya is regarded as an emerging hub for technology and innovation in Africa, offering a wealth of opportunities for innovative fintech companies like Goldie Tech.

Berlin Partner plays a crucial role in promoting economic growth and business development in Berlin. The organization supports companies, investors, and talents in recognizing and harnessing the advantages of the German capital. It connects existing businesses and research institutions and assists them in their expansion projects.

The experts from Berlin Partner will accompany Goldie Tech during the delegation trip, providing valuable insights into business opportunities in Kenya. Furthermore, they will inform about potential funding opportunities, advise on suitable locations and highly qualified personnel, and establish valuable contacts with local stakeholders.

Amari Groß, Co-Founder of Goldie Tech, expressed enthusiasm about the upcoming trip: "Participating in the delegation trip to Kenya is an exciting step for us to further expand our presence. We believe that Kenya is a significant market for innovative fintech solutions and look forward to exploring the opportunities on the ground."

The delegation trip will provide Goldie Tech with the opportunity to meet local partners and industry experts who will drive the company's growth and success on the African continent.

Franziska Kuhl 

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