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About Goldie

We do things differently around here.

Goldie was built on the belief that there is no reason for physical gold to be cumbersome, slow & an expensive experience overall. Instead, it would be the seamless & convenient experience that we have gotten used to from other digital products all around us.


At the same time, it must retain the safety & reliability of direct physical ownership & not become a paper promise in the process. On top, it should be quick & simple for financial institutions to embed gold into their existing product portfolios, tailor it to any of their specific needs and be fully transparent.


Gold has served humanity’s needs throughout all the historical ups & downs, we just felt like it deserved the attention to help it transition into the digital age, some “digital shine” so to say, so that it can continue to fulfil its role in the digital age and, possibly, thereafter.


The issues along the way were numerous & many hid in unexpected places, but nothing that could not be overcome with our passionate & talented team and a network of excellent partners. 


We are a gold infrastructure provider driven by the desire to make gold as accessible & convenient as possible for everyone that has a need for it and is powered by the latest technology.

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