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Together Stronger:

Goldie Tech and NAWIDA Forge Exciting Collaboration














Hello dear Goldie Community!

We have some exciting news to share with you. At Goldie Tech, it's not just about elevating financial technology to the next level but also about forging strong partnerships to support us in doing so. And today, we're delighted to announce one of these exciting partnerships: We are collaborating with NAWIDA!

You may have heard of NAWIDA already, but for those who don't know: NAWIDA is the subsidiary of the cooperative PSD Bank Berlin-Brandenburg eG and brings with it an impressive experience of over 150 years. Their mission? To ensure the competitiveness, innovation, and future viability of businesses.

NAWIDA believes in the power of collaboration. They rely on professionalism, transparent processes, and personal closeness to find tailored solutions for strategic and operational challenges. And that's exactly what excites us about this partnership!

At Goldie, we have always believed that together we can achieve more than alone. And with NAWIDA, we have found the perfect partner to enhance our service in the world of cooperative banks even further.

This collaboration is not only exciting but also a great opportunity to expand our offerings and reach even more people with our innovative fintech technology. We can't wait to embark on new paths with NAWIDA and shape the future of the financial world together.

A heartfelt thank you to NAWIDA for trusting in our vision and for the exciting journey ahead.

Stay tuned, as Goldie has many more exciting news and developments in store for you. The future looks golden, and we are ready to shape it together with our partners!

Warm regards,
Goldie Team

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