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Goldie Tech and NAWIDA announce strategic partnership to strengthen financial technology

Berlin, 14.09.23 - Goldie Tech joyfully announces its latest strategic partnership. The company has joined forces with NAWIDA, a subsidiary of the cooperative PSD Bank Berlin-Brandenburg eG, to shape innovative solutions for the future of the financial world.

The partnership is based on shared values of professionalism, transparent processes, and personal closeness to develop tailored solutions for strategic and operational challenges.

Goldie Tech sees the collaboration with NAWIDA as a unique opportunity to strengthen its position in the cooperative banking sector. The cooperation not only enables optimization of services but also opens up opportunities for expanding offerings and disseminating innovative fintech technologies.

The strategic alliance between Goldie Tech and NAWIDA underscores the belief that more can be achieved through joint efforts than individual initiatives. This partnership not only creates exciting prospects but also marks a milestone in shaping the future of the financial world.

The entire team at Goldie Tech extends heartfelt gratitude to NAWIDA for their trust in the shared vision and looks forward to a successful collaboration. Both companies are firmly committed to exploring new avenues together and shaping the financial industry sustainably.

For further information and updates, please follow the developments on the Goldie Tech platform.

Franziska Kuhl 

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