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Goldie Tech Collaborates with Impala Search for Service Expansion and Talent Acquisition

Berlin, 02.04.24 - Goldie Tech announces its partnership with Impala Search, a company specializing in talent and capital search. This collaboration marks a significant step in Goldie Tech's mission to enhance its services and attract top talent for further growth and innovation.

Impala Search assists companies in finding top talent and securing essential capital resources. Through the partnership with Impala Search, Goldie Tech aims to leverage these strengths to unlock new growth and development opportunities.

Talent Search: Building Top-Tier Teams

In the realm of talent acquisition, Impala Search will help Goldie Tech expand its product development teams with highly skilled professionals. Whether in software development, leadership roles, or sales, Impala Search's expertise ensures that Goldie Tech finds the right employees to drive innovation and success.

Amari Groß, Co-Founder of Goldie Tech, expressed excitement about the partnership: "We are delighted to collaborate with Impala Search to attract the best talent in the industry. Their expertise in talent acquisition is invaluable for our continued growth and innovation."

Shared Mission: Building Teams, Shaping Success

Goldie Tech and Impala Search share the goal of building strong teams and shaping success. With the support of Impala Search, Goldie Tech is confident in its ability to assemble diverse and highly qualified engineering teams, secure necessary resources, and continue to grow sustainably.

For more information about Impala Search, please visit their website:

About Goldie Tech:

Goldie Tech is a FinTech company based in Berlin, specializing in providing white-label gold accounts for banks. The company is dedicated to simplifying access to physical gold and aims to make sustainable changes in the financial market.

Franziska Kuhl

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