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Cloud Data Platform Architect


  • Engage in all topics related to Goldie's data architecture, including design, setup/expansion, deployment, and management of its components

  • Design the application landscape in an existing cloud environment (AWS)

  • Enable customers to integrate their core banking system with the Goldie platform and conveniently, reliably, and securely provide/retrieve data (cloud-based)

  • Define policies, procedures, models, and technologies used to collect, structure, and exchange information

  • Apply high-level business intelligence relationships and data policies

  • Act as a liaison between business operations and IT (primarily AWS), thus playing a pivotal role in application development

  • Maintain and adhere to relevant IT security conceptsand standards (e.g. ISO 27001)

  • Bring together the IT, security, and business aspects of an organization


  • Successful university degree in (Business) Informatics, Physics, Applied (Business) Mathematics, (Business) Engineering, or a comparable course of study

  • Relevant work experience or qualifications with respect to AWS-Cloud-Solutions (e.g. Developer, DevOps-Engineer, Solutions Architect, etc.)

  • Being able to translate business requirements and standards into data collection and management policies

  • Good understanding of the principles in a modern enterprise architecture and translating business processes into IT applications

  • Good understanding of the principles of data management, including database access, roles/permissions, and database structures

  • Excellent German and good English language skills, coupled with strong communication abilities at all management levels

Franziska Kuhl
Apply: //  Cloud Data Platform Architect

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