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Goldie at the BFI Summer Party:
Sun, Fun, and Strong Connections

(Co-Founder: Amari Groß, Marcel Schilling & Patrick Zimmermann)


Hello dear Goldie Community,

We hope you're doing well because not only is the gold shining, but the sun is also beaming with enthusiasm for us! Why, you ask? Because we've just returned from an absolutely fantastic experience that we must share with you.

The annual BBQ of the Berlin Finance Initiative (BFI) was an absolute highlight these days. Our three founders had the opportunity for the first time to attend a networking event with members.














The weather was at its best, and we couldn't resist the invitation from Ride Capital to enjoy the stunning summer terrace. Networking is even easier in such a dreamy ambiance!

And it wasn't just about sun and fun; there was also the opportunity to connect with guests from the fields of politics and finance. It was a great chance to establish valuable connections and benefit from the experiences and insights of others.

We can't wait to see what the coming year will bring. The BFI Summer Party not only inspired us but also showed us how important strong connections and collaboration are in the Fintech world. We are ready to continue this journey and experience many more exciting adventures.

A heartfelt thank you goes to RideCapital and the entire BFI for this fantastic event.






See you soon, with even more sun, fun, and strong connections!


With sunny regards,

Goldie Tech

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Embedded Finance Gold Tech Fintech Openbanking
Embedded Finance Gold Tech Fintech Openbanking
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