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The embedded physical

gold solution, for everyone.

Goldie is a gold-as-a-service provider that enables you to create & embed a wide variety of solutions based on physical gold, directly into your ecosystem and enhance your service offering. With a single integration you get the most modern gold solution with all the flexibility & immediacy of digital products, at a fraction of the cost and the absolute safety of direct ownership.

Enhance your offering, unlock new revenue streams & drive growth



who we are working with

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banks, large & small

Design any kind of product on top of our gold infrastructure and embed it into all your interfaces – from savings accounts for the young, retirement plans and daily available balances – and more




Enrich the possibilities of saving for goals or storing cash in spaces with spaces backed by physical gold, not just some paper gold promises. Without any of the usual regulatory or integration hassles.



FOs & financial advisors

Clients of all kinds are increasingly asking for the safety of physical gold, you want it to be seamlessly integrated into your systems and build your own fee structure on top of it. No problem.



Other companies & fintechs

You have an idea for your clients that could be built around gold or have your own needs of storing cash in physical gold, as simply as making a bank transfer and integrate it into your systems? We can do it.


Ready to collaborate ? 

we’ll work with you to find the best solution for your business

Wh Choose Goldie

Why choose Goldie

A technology-first approach

to the world’s most unique asset

The complete physical gold infrastructure including gold producers, specialised logistics, global storage & many more are at your finger tips with the Goldie platform. On top, we built our own financial infrastructure, took care of all the regulatory topics and, thus, enable a quick & hassle-free integration anywhere.


Full direct ownership with all the digital perks, without any of the physical inconveniences, instant & fully automatic, embedded right where you need it.


The complete physical infrastructure composed of top partners across bullion producers, logistics & vaulting within a fully-automatic plug & play platform.

modular set up

Besides instant trading you can pick & choose from ready-made modules such as vaulting, savings plans, location swaps, delivery & many more to create what you need most.

complete flexibility

Enable transactions of any size, in real-time around the clock & easily build your own fee structure on top of it to align monetization to your business needs.

financial infrastructure

We provide all the financial fundamentals incl. back-end compliance, transfers & accounts so that you can focus on creating the ideal experience for your customers.

How it works

A streamlined process from concept to piloting in weeks rather than the “usual”

New product process

The arduous NPP and effort required stops many ideas from ever seeing the day of light & kills potential. By relying on our banking infrastructure, financial institutions can pilot solutions & test client demand without having to go through the usual process.

Fully automatic processing

Once launched, the processes & all operations are fully-automatic and low-maintenance. Meaning that you will not require additional resources to run the solution and retain a high-margin revenue stream.

Pre-made solutions

The usual solutions, such as savings or storage accounts, are already pre-made & ready to roll out. We support you along the implementation process, product positioning & embedding.

Awaiting your creativity

Our modular setup enables us to easily adjust to your needs with custom solutions in no time. Just reach out to us with your ideas & we will work together to quickly realise & test your custom solution. 

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